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Lucifer's touch

Plastic shadows

Save me

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A moment of insanity

2004 CD

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AXIOM is a metal band with a sound that spaces between many styles and is characterized by complex musical structures of immediate impact. The project is an idea of Raffaele Acampa, Armando Scala and Walter Montone, former members of LANDGUARD power progressive symphonic metal band (EDEN OF A PARALLEL DIMENSION, Underground Symphony, 2000/2005). The self-produced EP Metamorphosis let the band gain a distribution in Japan by Soundholic Records, receiving great appreciation from the rising sun land. On the wave of good interest from critic and fans, the band decided to sign his first official work with the indie label Lufilth and, in May 2004, the recordings of A MOMENT OF INSANITY begins. In December 2004 the band signs a editorial contract with Rising Works/Tabloid. In January 2005 A MOMENT OF INSANITY gained good resonance of public and critic, being reviewed from magazines and webzines all over the world. After two years of pause, AXIOM’s line-up is reformed with two new members: lead guitar and vocals. New songs writing begin immediately, forming the new album TRUTHS DENIED. The song chosen for the first official video is A REVOLUTION INSIDE. In may 2011, the singer split up with the band and, after two months of searching, Axiom are proud to announce that the new singer is Dario Rotondo. With a mix of growl and clean vocals, Dario is ready to blow your mind in the new ep PLASTIC SHADOWS released in august 2016 in digital version on all the major stores and streaming services!